Larry’s Gallery

My name is Larry Olson.  I am 42 years-old and I live in Ashland, Wisconsin.  I have an “intellectual disability” and I need my time structured for me.  I have been an artist for eight years, working with Sara Balbin at the Vaughn Public Library.  I use paint on paper and on fabric.  I like to show my art to inspire others.  It shows people that I’m capable of doing something that I’m proud of.  My art is at the Rivers Eatery in Cable and the Vaughn Public Library in Ashland.  My sister has one of my paintings hanging in her office.


Besides art, I like to ride on a 4-wheeler with my dad and go camping with my family.  I go to church and I volunteer at three different churches.  I also help with shredding paper in several offices.  In the summer, I like to ride on a paddle boat.  I also pick up litter in the parks for the City of Ashland.  I’m good at putting things in order.  I like to learn new things.