Art to Go

Joey Johnson - Sawyer County Resource Directory

Sawyer County Senior Resource Director Joey Johnson receiving the SMART vinyl folders with fliers.

See My Art, Inc. (SMART) launched the innovative “Art to Go for Meals on Wheels” flier project in June 2020 as a response to the world wide Covid-19 pandemic, and cancellation of its seven annually sponsored events.  The program is in collaboration with Bayfield County Department of Human Services (Meals on Wheels), CORE Corporation, Washburn, and Sawyer County Senior Resource Center. It’s been a wonderful team effort working with the organizations, drivers and communty.  In March of 2021, SMART and the three government organizations distributed a survey to the recipients of the fliers for feedback and for creative input on what other activity they would enjoy in the fliers. Results will be announced.

We are grateful to Norvado for donating the printing service as well as our other primary sponsors;  Hayward Area Memorial Hospital/Water’s Edge, Beehive Botanicals, CHARAC and Youth Conservation Alliance. The 160 fliers are delivered weekly to participants; they consist of a beautiful original painting by a SMART artist, or community member, coloring page, word find, doodling and writing pages with an inspirational quote. The fliers augment the initial green vinyl folder provided with coloring pencils and pencil sharpener.

The Board of Directors, understanding the positive healing power of art is driven by the SMART focused mission of “Using Art to Empower and Inspire” during this time of social distancing.

Recently adopted into the SMART bylaws is Values & Compass: Empowerment (N) Curiosity (E) Integrity (S) Kindness (W).