Eric lived with his cat, Socks, in Hayward, Wisconsin. He spent most of his youth in Las Cruses and Albuquerque, New Mexico. At age 15, as a result of a car accident, Eric suffered a brain injury requiring extensive rehabilitation and a change to his future plans.

“I’ve been an artist since age four. Even before my head injury I loved to draw. Now, art is my fantasy world where I have control and escape. Art brings me peace of mind.”

Eric had a passion for drawing a unique character, The Moose-is-Loose. Each moose he drew took on a new personality and fit the season, holiday or special moment.

Eric volunteered at First Lutheran Church, and at the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival. See My Art provided him the chance to show and market his artwork at the SMART Rivers Eatery Gallery, and also to meet new people. Rest in Peace Eric, we miss you.


Even Broken Crayons Color

In June 2019, Jessica Parkkonen, very bravely shared her personal story of addiction and recovery at the See My Art Gala

at the River’s Eatery in the Ideal Market in Cable. Doctor Dayle Quigley supported Jessica’s moving story with her own perspectives from the medical field. Their presentation to those in attendance was educational, moving and very helpful in understanding this challenge in one’s life. Sadly, shortly after the public presentation Jessica passed away.

Rest in Peace Jessica.  We miss you.