Renee’s Gallery


Renee lives in Ashland, Wisconsin where she enjoys her nine beautiful grandchildren. Renee lives with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy causing her constant pain, difficulty sleeping and depression.

“I have thought about suicide many times in the past 12 years. Before art therapy I sat in my wheelchair looking out the window all day. I was always in a bad mood. I cried a lot and yelled at my family all the time. Things began to change when I started art therapy. I’m working with copper in making jewelry. It takes me two or three days to make something and it keeps my mind working and my memory strong.”

Renee is now experiencing stronger, positive relationships with her family. She has fun racing with her grandkids, she in her electric wheelchair and the kids on their bikes. She now looks forward to living. Now Renee looks out her window with an understanding that “no matter what each person is going through, they can take each day and see the beauty of life.”